CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Home Alone (1990) w/Shannon Campe of Stage of Fools

Home Alone

Happy holidays, listeners! For our Christmas episode this year, Shannon Campe of the Stage of Fools podcast joins us once again to dig into the 90s cult Christmas classic Home Alone, starring Macauley Culkin and directed by Chris Columbus!

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Home Alone Cocktail

It’s still cold as hell up here in Chicago, so we’ve got a nice, warm, creamy cocktail to get you through the chilliest of climes. Fig vodka, framboise (to evoke the Parisian vacation), and a homemade vanilla whipped cream to echo Kevin’s shaving cream. Enjoy!

2 parts fig-infused vodka
1 part framboise
3 parts steamed almond milk
dash, black walnut bitters
2 tbsp vanilla whipped cream
chopped walnuts

  1. To make the whipped cream, combine 1/2 pint of heavy whipping cream, 2.5 tbsp of white sugar and a capful of vanilla extract and whip with a whisk or hand mixer until it forms stiff peaks.
  2. Steam milk in a saucepan, and combine that with vodka, framboise and bitters. Top with whipped cream and walnuts. Enjoy!


1) Drink every time you see a Christmas ornament or icon centrally featured
2) Drink any time someone utters a PG-friendly insult
3) Drink whenever Marv or Harry get violently physically injured


Kevin glibly remarks, “Just hung around,” when asked what he did while he was Home Alone™.

Join us next week as we ring in the New Year with 2016’s The Edge of Seventeen!

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