Tokyo Godfathers (2003) w/Grant of Chip & Ironicus and History Honeys

Tokyo Godfathers

This week, it’s Christmas in August as Grant of Chip & Ironicus (and the new history podcast History Honeys) joins us once again to talk about another anime – Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathers! This hard-to-find holiday masterpiece follows a trio of charismatic hobos who stumble across a baby in the garbage, and the antics that ensue as they figure out what to do with it. The result is a fantastic blend of Kon’s wry, dark humor and stunning animation, with a great big beating heart in the middle. Get in the holiday spirit a little early this year as we give you our custom cocktail and drinking rules!

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A variant of the classic Godfather cocktail, we took Gin’s drink of choice (Four Roses) and added some Japanese plum brandy and a sake-lemon-spiced foam to ring in the Christmas season. But, you know, in August.

ep254-drink3 parts Four Roses Kentucky Bourbon
1 part plum brandy
1oz sake
1 egg white
.5oz lemon juice
2-3 cardamom pods
1 star anise
1oz almond milk

  1. Combine bourbon and plum brandy in a chilled cocktail glass.
  2. Add sake, egg white, lemon, almond milk and spices into a shaker with ice, cover, and shake vigorously until emulsified.
  3. Strain slowly over the drink and garnish with a star anise pod.


  1. Whenever the number ‘1225’ shows up or is spoken
  2. Any time the characters call each other names
  3. Every time you see trash on screen


Hana says, “You’re too late. You just missed a very moving finale.”

Join us next week as we get warmed up next to The Bonfire of the Vanities!

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