Primer (2004) w/Consequence of Sound


This week, Consequence of Sound: Film editor Dominick Suzanne-Mayer joins us to break down the mind-bending time travel microbudget indie Primer! Directed by auteur Shane Carruth with a budget of $7,000, Primer offers a twisty, inscrutable and compellingly sparse tale of two budding entrepreneurs who end up building a time machine, and the looping, branching timelines they inadvertently create with it as they increasingly try (and fail) to understand what they have constructed. It’s one of the great independent success stories, and we do our best to figure out the damn thing along with our custom cocktail and drinking rules!

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Primer CocktailGiven the movie’s inscrutability, we went straight for the title pun on this one – a BBQ-flavored whiskey cocktail!

1.5oz Maker’s Mark bourbon whiskey
1 tsp black cherry jam
.5oz lemon juice
dash, Memphis barbecue bitters

Combine Maker’s, jam, lemon juice and bitters in a shaker with ice; shake vigorously. Strain into rocks glass over ice and garnish with lemon peel. 


1) Drink every time a character says the word ‘thing’
2) Drink any time a line could be a sexual innuendo (‘that’s what she said’)
3) Drink whenever shots feature inanimate objects in focus in the deep foreground


Aaron says, “Why can’t we write like normal people?”

Join us next week as we dip into the anime well once again for the Satoshi Kon film Tokyo Godfathers!

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2 thoughts on “Primer (2004) w/Consequence of Sound

  1. It has been years since I’ve watched Primer. I remember enjoying, but not really understanding the plot. This was really fun to listen to and I’m going to re-watch it soon and then Upstream Color.

    I remember working at video store when this came out on DVD and I watched it the same night as Nothing (2003). Another somewhat philosophical movie, but more of a comedy. I submitted a suggestion for that one. Keep up the great work Clint and Jared, I never miss an episode!

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