Willard (2003) w/Julia Rohed of Mercy Street Theatre Company

Willard (2003)

This week, Julia Rohed of Mercy Street Theatre Company joins us to squeak about the 2003 remake of Willard, starring the ever-creepy Crispin Glover as an eccentric mama’s boy who starts doling out his own brand of justice against those who wrong him – with the help of a few friendly rats. It’s a surprisingly eccentric, Raimi-esque dark comedy with a wicked sense of humor, and we take it all in with our custom cocktail and drinking rules!

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THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The Death of Socrates

1-ep270drinkThis Brandy Alexander variant includes some nutty flavor (since that’s the rats’ favorite food) in the amaretto, which you can serve with a nice brie.

2 parts brandy
1 part amaretto
egg white
1 part cream
dash, fresh nutmeg

Combine brandy, amaretto, egg white and cream in a shaker with ice, and shake vigorously until the egg white is nice and foamy. Strain into a cocktail glass and top with nutmeg; serve with your favorite cheese.


  1. Every time you see a clock or watch
  2. Each time the camera cuts to an ominous shot of scheming Big Ben
  3. Whenever you see a quirky label or product name (“Numm Nuts,” “Mouse-Prufe II”)


Willard shrieks, “That’s it for you, Ben! I loved Socrates, but I! Hate! You!”

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