Sudden Death (1995) w/Pat Trek’s Patrick O’Rourke

Sudden Death

This week, Patrick O’Rourke of Pat Trek joins us to kick off December with the Jean-Claude Van Damme action film Sudden Death! Basically “Die Hard in a hockey stadium,” Sudden Death features a disgraced fire marshal (JCVD) who has to save the Vice President and his own daughter from the clutches of a madman (Powers Boothe) holding them hostage during a Hawks-Penguins game. Featuring kick-fights with henchmen in penguin suits and the most industrious MacGyvered weapons, Sudden Death is a total blast – especially with our custom cocktail and drinking rules!

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Sudden Death CocktailGiven how fancy the hockey stadium’s kitchen is in Sudden Death, we loaded up a Canadian whiskey cocktail with the fancy flavors of Pimm’s No. 1 and some black walnut bitters. On top of that, we did the same thing KCVD did to poor Mr. Icey and threw some chili flakes on it for some of the action star’s signature kick.

2 parts Canadian whiskey
1 part Pimm’s No. 1
splash, lemon juice
2 parts sparkling water
dash, black walnut bitters
pinch, chili flake

Combine ingredients in a rocks glass (be sure to use a huge ice cube or sphere, ’cause hockey). Top with chili flake and serve. 


  1. Whenever you see a ticking clock (shot clock, the text counting down to “Face-Off”)
  2. Every time the Blackhawks score or do something otherwise admirable (be sure to shout “GO HAWKS!”)
  3. Any time someone dies other than from bullets (improvised weapons, falling, etc.)


JCVD’s son tearfully confesses, “I didn’t move, Dad.”

Join us next week as we fall into Crispin Glover’s mouse trap with the remake of Willard!

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