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This week on Alcohollywood, we get a bit more obscure with Theo from Twin Cinema as we discuss William Friedkin’s lost 1977 thriller Sorcerer! This remake of the classic French film The Wages of Fear sees a group of disparate expatriates (including Roy Scheider) in a small South American hellhole. These men are then tasked with a dangerous mission to transport unstable nitroglycerin 200 miles to put out an oil rig fire. What follows is a moody, tense, and deeply stylized journey through the bowels of hell and human frailty. It’s a masterpiece that is one of the most personal and fascinating works of Friedkin’s career. Check out our episode, along with our custom cocktail and drinking game!

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sorcerer cocktail

For our explosive dynamite inspired drink, we did a little cocktail sorcery of our own! The drink requires ignition proof bourbon (<87-proof at least), Fireball whiskey, and tangerine juice for some fruitiness (as well as a reference to the film’s composers, Tangerine Dream). Along with the ginger ale and sarsaparilla bitters, this drink has a refreshing root beer flavor.

TIP: Swap the ginger ale out for cream soda to lean even further in that direction!

1 part WLR ignition-proof bourbon
1 part Fireball cinnamon whiskey
6 parts ginger ale
1 part tangerine juice
dash, sarsaparilla dry bitters

Combine bourbon, whiskey and tangerine juice in a shaker with ice; mix well. Pour into Collins glass with ice and top with ginger ale and dash of bitters. 


  1. SUBJECTIVE RULE: Drink whenever you think that nitroglycerin should have really gone off by now
  2. Any time a character begins speaking in a different language
  3. Every time the camera zooms in or out of something


Jackie (Roy Scheider) says, “May I have this dance?”

Join us next week as we get Yahoo Serious with the 1985 comedy Young Einstein!

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