The Warriors (1979)


CAN YOU DIG IT, listeners? This week, returning guest Julia of Mercy Street Theatre Company bops with us as we watch Walter Hill’s 1979 cult gang thriller The Warriors! A pulpy, disco-tinged Greek epic about a beleaguered street gang from Coney Island lost on the wrong side of town after being framed for killing a prominent gang leader, the movie’s long on style and short on complexity.

We found quite a bit to talk about, from apocalypse theories to the unfortunate Director’s Cut. Throw on your tight blue jeans and brown leather vest, ‘cause we’re ready to play-ee-ay with our custom cocktail and drinking game!

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warriors cocktail

We named our Warrior-themed cocktail after the gang’s constant threats or worries about getting ‘bopped,’ as well as Lynne Thigpen’s DJ slang. Taken from the NYC-themed Bronx cocktail, our variant swaps out gin for the rougher, rowdier tequila, and sweet vermouth for Amaro. We also added some sweet and savory to the mix with some raspberry, citrus and basil flavors (since we haven’t muddled anything for a spell). Dig in! 

2 parts tequila
1 part Amaro
orange slice
1 tbsp raspberries
lime slice
2 leaves, fresh basil

1) In a cocktail shaker, add the orange, lime, basil and raspberries and muddle vigorously.
2) Add ice, tequila and Amaro and shake like your life depends on it.
3) Strain into a cocktail class and garnish with raspberry and basil leaf.


  1. Any time someone says “Warriors”
  2. Every time you see graffiti prominently on the wall
  3.  the Warriors start running again
    *BONUS RULE: Drink when Lynne Thigpen’s sassy DJ pipes in on the Warriors’ situation


Luther (David Patrick Kelly) clinks his three bottles together and wails, “WARRIORS…COME OUT TO PLAY-EE-AY!”

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One thought on “The Warriors (1979)

  1. Uhh, the Warriors video game was actually pretty good. Maybe you are thinking of the second game for 360 which is terrible but the first one for the original XBOX and PS2 (and later PSP) was really awesome. It was made by Rockstar (I believe shortly after San Andreas) and not only is it pretty faithful to the movie and a BLAST to play (especially with friends in local co-op) it has a really high Metacritc score. If you ever have the chance to play it, check it out. Other than that, good show guys!

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