She (1982)


One award loss and one sprained ankle later, Jared and Clint return from Vegas to resume their duties as your humble hosts! This time, friend of the show Craig stops by to help us dissect and make sense of one of his favorite films – the 1982 post-apocalyptic Italian anomaly She! The film starsĀ Conan the Barbarian‘s Sandahl Bergman as a sexy warrior goddess helping two be-permed schlubs find a girl captured by the garishly dressed Norks.

This film is a schizophrenic nightmare that will either leave you rolling in your seat or screaming in agony. There’s scene after scene of shoddily-assembled and murkily plotted events see our heroes avoiding werewolf orgies, fighting robot Frankensteins, cutting the limbs off multiplying stand-up comedians guarding bridges and more. It’s a film you really have to see to believe; luckily, it’s available on Netflix streaming. We’ve also got the drink and the rules to get you through it!


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The Cancellation

she cocktail1 part moonshine

1 part sweet potato vodka

splash, Jagermeister

1 part amaretto

pinch, black pepper

Combine and stir.




  1. Whenever you see random acts of brutality
  2. Whenever someone says ‘She’
  3. Every time a new freakishly strange character appears


Godan’s secretary yells “We BELIEVED in you…. and you BETRAYED US!”

Next week, we’re diving into the strange, psychedelic cult 1970s Japanese horror film House (Hausu)!

ANNOUNCEMENT: On January 25-26th, Alcohollywood will be sponsoring a screening of the film Rhinestone as part of Northwestern University’s B-Fest Film Festival. It’s a 24-hour screening of awful B-movies in Evanston, IL, and we’ll be there to endure the agony along with you! You can check out the lineup and buy tickets here. See you then!

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