Diamonds Are Forever (1971) w/John Campea of AMC Movie Talk (Live from NMX Vegas)

Diamonds Are Forever

Coming to you live from Las Vegas, Nevada, this episode of Alcohollywood sees Jared and Clint podcasting from the New Media Expo (recorded on Jan. 8th), joined by Editor-in-Chief of AMC Movie Talk John Campea, who graciously sits with us and gabs about Oscar nominations speculation (with which we make many wildly inaccurate guesses about what ended up being nominated). For the most part, however, we end up talking about James Bond’s biggest Vegas vacation, Diamonds Are Forever! The start of the overt campiness of the Bond era, we see a very tired and flabby Sean Connery come back to the role to interact with one of the weirdest rogue’s galleries a Bond film has ever had. Along with John, we also get into the Bond series as a whole, and we all learn a little something.



2 parts diamond-filtered Vodka (e.g. Ciroc)

1 part ruby red grapefruit juice

splash, yellow chartreuse

splash, honey syrup

Combine and stir.


  1. Anytime Bond or another character makes quips
  2. Whenever you see diamonds
  3. Whenever you see fluids or liquids (foams and fire extinguishers also count)


Blofeld (Charles Grey) says to Tiffany Case, “We’re showing a bit more cheek than usual, aren’t we?”

Join us next week as we take another user request, do a small recap of our experiences at NMX, and talk about the strange, schizophrenic 1980s film She, starring Conan the Barbarian’s Sandahl Bergman!

(We also wish to extend our heartfelt thanks once again to John Campea, who was extremely kind and great to talk to during the podcast, as well as all the other podcasters – Spill, The Beerists, etc. – we met at NMX!)

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