The 13th Warrior (1999)

13th warrior Happy New Year, listeners! For 2013, we (along with Julia once again) are starting out the year with The 13th Warrior, the strange 1999 film starring Antonio Banderas as a Muslim who finds himself recruited to help stop a group of ‘demons,’ in true Beowulf style. Directed by both John McTiernan and author Michael Crichton, based on the latter’s novel Eaters of the Dead, the film is a muddled, dimly lit mess that is difficult to follow and unfortunately hard to look at. Despite some great practical effects, and a committed performance by Banderas, it still can’t escape just how mediocre it is. However, we’ve got some magic potions to help you through the film, along with our rules and review here!


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: Drinkers of the Dead

13th warrior cocktail2 parts Frost vodka

1 part milk or cream

1 part butternut squash juice

1 part blueberry syrup

sage, muddled

Muddle sage; add remaining ingredients and combine. Pour into glass; garnish with blueberries and sage leaf. Vanquish thine enemies.




  1. Closeups of Antonio Banderas
  2. Whenever you see the strange red dog in the Viking village
  3. Whenever you see a decapitated head


Herger (The Joyous) yells “Goodbye, Arab!” at Ahmed during their farewell.

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