This week on Alcohollywood, we’re continuing HORROR OCTORBOR! by sitting through the three-hour miniseries IT, starring a bevy of B-level actors at the height of their popularity in the early nineties, plus a “special appearance” by Tim Curry as the titular character! Let’s get the Stephen King checklist out: After a group of seven kids (check) in a small town in Maine (check) destroy a creature that preys on their everyday fears (check), the kids – one of whom is a famous horror author (check) – must return to this town as adults to defeat the monster and recapture their childhood.

This one’s a bit of a slog, but it terrified audiences in 1990, so we thought we’d check it out. Will Pennywise the Clown steal these kids’ souls, or will he be defeated by a slingshot and naive belief? Check out our rules, drink and review below!


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The Hallo-wine Spr-IT-zer

IT cocktail

4 parts Hallowine spiced wine (you can find at your local liquor store around this time of year)

1 part amaretto

1 part spiced rum

3 parts club soda/sparkling water

dash, blood orange bitters

Combine and pour into goblet of your choice.




  1. Whenever someone says the word ‘It’
  2. Any time someone uses an odd, uncommon figure of speech or taunt (“Kingisms”)
  3. Every time the narrative transitions between past and present


Richie (Harry Anderson) retorts, “I can’t really help you with that, buddy, but thanks for sharing.”

Join us next week as HORROR OCTORBOR! continues with a movie that combines two of our favorite things: Gary Busey and werewolves. We’re watching Silver Bullet next week, so check that out!

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