HORROR OCTORBOR! Silver Bullet (1985)

This week on Alcohollywood, we’re headed back to the 1980s with the Stephen King-written werewolf flick Silver Bullet, starring Gary Busey as alcoholic uncle Red, who helps handicapped Corey Haim track down a werewolf that’s killing the increasingly-simpleminded denizens of his small Maine town. Luckily, they’ve got the help of their spunky sister, a bunch of unfounded assumptions, and Corey’s flipping-sweet motorized wheelchair, the “Silver Bullet”!

Keep a look out for other actors who probably shouldn’t be here, including Terry O’Quinn as the well-meaning town sheriff, Everett McGill as a preacher with a terrible secret (SPOILER: he’s the werewolf), and Lawrence Tierney as the town bartender. Bite into our custom cocktail and drinking rules for Silver Bullet!


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The Holy Jumped-Up Jesus Palomino

silver bullet cocktail

1 part moonshine (get it?)

4 parts Coors Light

3 parts cranberry juice

1 part spearmint schnapps

Combine and stir. 





  1. Whenever another character takes a drink (alcoholic or no)
  2. Anytime someone curses
  3. Anytime you hear howls or growls (either from the werewolf, Busey, or anyone else)


The gun shop owner slurs, “How ’bout a wurrrwolf?”

Join us next week when we get into our final regular episode of HORROR OCTORBOR! before our Halloween special. This time around, we’re covering the most well-known and acclaimed adaptation of a Stephen King story, the Stanley Kubrick film The Shining!

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