HORROR OCTORBOR! 1408 (2007)


This week on Alcohollywood, we start HORROR OCTORBOR!, where we celebrate Halloween by reviewing and drinking to Stephen King adaptations! To begin, we tackle the 2007 thriller 1408, starring John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson and one evil fucking room. In typical Stephen King fashion, the main character is a cynical horror writer (Cusack) with family issues who investigates a notoriously scary hotel room in New York – you can guess what happens next.

The movie is, if nothing else, great for fridge freakouts, Samuel L. Jackson’s sly performance, and some great, atmospheric direction from Mikael Halfstrom. Check it out along with our review and drinking game, and our custom cocktail!


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The Evil Fucking Room

1408 cocktail

1 part caraway-infused black cherry syrup:

– caraway seeds

– black cherry juice (no sugar added)

4 parts honeycrisp apple juice

0 parts (get it?) dry sherry

8 parts scotch

Heat up black cherry juice on stovetop heat till reduced; pulverize caraway seeds and add to juice. Stir until combined. Pour a bit of dry sherry into the empty glass, swirl, and pour that out. Pour juices and scotch into the glass, and garnish with keys.



  1. Any time someone says ‘1408’ or any other number (also when they are seen)
  2. Every time John Cusack shrieks or screams or yells
  3. Any time John Cusack speaks into his tape recorder


Nick Enslin (John Cusack) shouts “I WAS OUT! I WAS OUT!!!!”

Join us for next week’s installment of HORROR OCTORBOR!, as we take on some evil fucking clowns with IT!

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