HORROR OCTORBOR 666: The Devil’s Advocate (1997)

devil's advocate

HORROR OCTORBOR 666 continues, as we move down our list of devil-themed horror movies with the schlocky legal drama The Devil’s Advocate!

Jon Espino of HollywoodChicago.com and The Young Folks partners with us again to tell the story of Kevin Lomax (a ridiculously Southern Keanu Reeves), an unscrupulous Florida lawyer brought up to New York with his wife (Charlize Theron) to join the law firm of grimy legal titan John Milton (Al Pacino). It’s two and a half hours of goofy CGI demon faces, complicated legalese, and Trump allusions we’ll never get back.

Still, we braved this decidedly goofy bit of 90s kitsch to bring you our custom cocktail and drinking rules, so take a listen!

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devil's advocate cocktail


  1. Any time Keanu Reeves’ Southern accept slips between scenes
  2. Every time the film or dialogue makes a sly allusion to hell or Biblical literature
  3. Whenever Al Pacino gives his haughty, growly laugh


Pacino responds to Keanu realizing he’s Satan: “CALL ME DAD!”

Join us next week as we continue Horror Octorbor 666 with the Christopher Walken dark-angel vehicle The Prophecy!

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