HORROR OCTORBOR 666: End of Days (1999)

end of days

Greetings, mortals! We drag back Some Kind of Goblin this year for our sixth horror theme month, HORROR OCTORBOR 666! It’s all devil movies all month, baby! To start off, Scott Bufis of The Butter Hours joins us to talk about the crazy late-period Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle End of Days. 

Ever wanted to see Arnie fight Satan, all while secretly playing a Bruce Willis character? Come see a blue-period Schwarzenegger get gritty as a disgraced, suicidal ex-cop forced to protect a young woman (Robin Tunney) from being impregnated by Satan himself (a hammy Gabriel Byrne) on the eve of the New Millennium. As fun as that sounds, the results are grimmer and duller than you might think. 

Check out our episode, along with our custom cocktail and drinking game!

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end of days cocktail


  1. Any time Bobby Chicago or anyone else gives bush-league sarcastic remarks
  2. Every time glass is shattered
  3. Whenever Arnie or another character shouts “Come on!”


Arnold’s Jericho looks up at the crucifix in the church at the end of the movie and pleads, “Please, God, help me. Give me strength.”

Join us next week as we continue Horror Octorbor with the Keanu Reeves/Al Pacino Satan-as-lawyer flick The Devil’s Advocate!

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