HORROR OCTORBOR 666: The Prophecy (1995)


HORROR OCTORBOR 666 continues apace with a look at the mid-90s Christopher Walken angel drama The Prophecy!

Written and directed by Gregory Widen (known for writing all the Highlander and Prophecy movies, and well, that’s it), The Prophecy tells the convoluted story of an angelic civil war, the little girl who might hold the key to some evil spirit (or something?), and the bland humans who dedicate themselves to stopping it. It’s boring and full of pseudo-religious gobbledygook, not to mention some confusing (and somewhat offensive) Native American mysticism. Still, it’s mildly bolstered by a couple of great scenery-chewing performances from Walken and Viggo Mortensen, and some brief supporting turns from Amanda Plummer and Adam Goldberg as Walken’s creepy familiars.

Check out our podcast, as well as our custom cocktail and drinking game, below!

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prophecy cocktail


  1. Any time Elias Koteas’ main character actually shows up in a scene
  2. Every time a character calls humans “monkeys”
  3. Whenever you see a character perch instead of sit


Elias Koteas sneers to Satan, “I have my soul and I have my faith. What do you have, angel?”

Join us next week as we finish off Horror Octorbor 666 with the baffling demon-hunting sequel Exorcist II: The Heretic!

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