The People Under the Stairs (1991) w/WildClaw Theatre

People Under the Stairs

This week, Ele Matelan of WildClaw Theatre and Our Fair City joins us once again to talk about the Wes Craven home-invasion thriller The People Under the Stairs! One of those rare socially-conscious 1990s horror movies, Stairs follows a young boy named ‘Fool’ as he tries to rob his price-gouging landlords, only to learn they’re leather-wearing psychopaths with a horde of vampiric zombie hostages in the basement. It’s a curiously fun mixture of camp and creeps, and we’ve got a custom cocktail and drinking rules to get you through the night!

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THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The Purple Under the Scares

We’re in full-on pun mode again this week, with some dank purple drank that’s as minty as it is sweet. Gin-wise, it’s up to you – go with a new-world gin (like New Amsterdan) or a London dry (like Plymouth) based on your taste.

People Under the Stairs Cocktail1.5oz gin
.5oz Aperol
2 parts Nice! blueberry-raspberry sparkling water
2-3 sprigs, mint

Combine in a rocks glass over ice, garnish with mint.


1) Drink every time characters go up and down stairs
2) Drink whenever the parents say “burn in hell”
3) Drink any time someone heads through a trap door or other kind of contraption


Fool says, “No wonder there’s no money in the ghetto.”

Join us next week as we finally, finally get around to doing the Edgar Wright cop comedy Hot Fuzz!

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