Hot Fuzz (2007) w/Ben Kaye

Hot Fuzz

This week, we’re joined by friend of the show (and Actual British Person) Ben Kaye to review one of our most frequent requests – Edgar Wright’s 2007 action-comedy Hot Fuzz! Wright’s followup to Shaun of the Dead offers even more elliptical comedy and impeccably sharp visuals, as top cop Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is transferred to a sleepy British hamlet that is more sinister than it seems. Take a listen as we sing the praises of Timothy Dalton and make a few too many swan puns! (Oh, and check out our custom cocktail and drinking rules too.)

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THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The Crusty Juggler

Hot Fuzz CocktailMixing up the Hot Toddy and Fuzzy Navel cocktails into this lovely mashup, we also added ginger and almond milk to offer a bit of creaminess to evoke the Cornetto trilogy itself.

3 parts brandy
1 part orange juice
5 parts peach tea
1 thumb, ginger
2 cups, almond milk

  1. Peel ginger with a spoon, then finely grate. Add in blender with almond milk and combine.
  2. Mix brandy, orange juice, tea (hot) and milk into a glass with a handle, and garnish with orange wedge and cinnamon.


  1. Whenever specific lines of dialogue are repeated
  2. Any time you see a crash zoom on an object
  3. Every time you see or hear from The Swan


Simon Skinner (Timothy Dalton) says, “The truth is far less complex.”

Join us next week as we learn exactly why the gun is good and the penis is bad with the bizarro Sean Connery sci-fi film Zardoz!

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One thought on “Hot Fuzz (2007) w/Ben Kaye

  1. The thing that falls on the journalist’s head is called a “Merlon”.

    And UK gun laws are very strict indeed, it’s very rare to own a firearm, there’s no hunting culture (what would we hunt?!) that uses guns really. If you say hunting, people assume you’re riding around on a horse in a red outfit with a pack of dogs (no, really).

    If you’re going hunting with a gun, you go up to Scotland and shoot grouse or deer.

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