Big Fat Liar (2002) w/Shannon Campe

big fat liar

Ka-STANG! This week, fellow A Talking Cast!?!/The ‘Cast Next Door podcastress Shannon Campe joins us for another expedition into 90s/2000s kid cinema with Frankie Muniz’s Big Fat Liar! Muniz plays Jason Shepherd, a pathological liar whose short story assignment for class is stolen from unscrupulous, half-goatee-d Hollywood producer Paul Giamatti to make into his next hit film. With the help of Vaguely Funny Girl Character Amanda Bynes, Jason flies off to Hollywood to plan his revenge. Take a listen as we ask the big questions: Is this Paul Giamatti’s superhero origin story? Why does Jason not want any money for credit for his story? How do you pronounce Muniz? Find the answers to these questions and more, along with our custom cocktail and drinking rules!

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This week, we made a blue cocktail for an equally-blue Paul Giamatti, with all the tropical flavors and sickly sweet kick you expect out of a hyperactive kid’s movie set in LA.

1 part blue curacao
2 parts pineapple rum
2 parts coconut water
1 fresh banana

Throw that all in a blender and pour into your glass. Garnish with nectarine and a widdle blue umbrella. Dance to “Hungry Like the Wolf” next to your narrow pool. 


  1. Every time Frankie Muniz tells a lie (or even looks like he’s telling a lie)
  2. Any time you see someone giving a shit-eating grins
  3. Whenever other movies are explicitly or implicitly referenced (Platoon, North by Northwest)


John Cho’s director says, “Confucius say, ‘KASTANG!’”

Join us next week as we start HORROR OCTORBOR once more-bor! For our fourth peek into the spookily scarifying, we’re taking on all foreign-language horror movies to see what people across the pond(s) are stirring up for screams. Next Thursday, we’re starting off with the Swedish vampire drama Let the Right One In!

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