The Night of the Hunter (1955) w/Filmspotting’s Adam Kempenaar

Night of the Hunter

This week, we lean into the everlasting arms of special guest Adam Kempenaar of Filmspotting, as we discuss the Expressionistic style and moral center of Charles Laughton’s 1955 noir thriller The Night of the Hunter!

ANNOUNCEMENT: For the month of January 2017, we take a month off of the podcast in favor of bringing you our full cast radio drama Indiana Jones and the Monkey King! Don’t worry, our spinoff shows Twin Cinema and Alcohollywood On Tap will run as scheduled.

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THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The Love-Hate Relationship

Night of the Hunter CocktailTo match the Depression era and sermons of Robert Mitchum’s Rev. Powell, we made a wheatgrass infused white whiskey cocktail. Complete with juice from some of Mrs. Cooper’s apples, lemon for acidity, and mole bitters to match Powell’s devilish spice, it’s one to check out. 

2 parts wheatgrass-infused white whiskey
3 parts apple juice
½ part lemon juice
dash, mole bitters

Pour in a Mason jar over ice and stir to combine. Enjoy out by the crick or on a lonely fishin’ skiff.


  1. Critters (whenever an animal shows up on screen)
  2. Every time the characters break out into songs and hymns
  3. Whenever Robert Mitchum or another character appears in silhouette


John shouts, “Don’t….don’t!” when Powell is going to be taken away.

Join us next week as we move from Gothic thrillers to deadly computers in The Manitou!

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