MARCH ON MARS: John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars (2001)

john carpenter's ghost of mars

As we continue Mars-ch on Alcohollywood, returning guest Craig (with a little help from new guest Alicia) joins us to talk John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars! An entertainingly cheesy change from the astronaut-based disaster movies that make up most Mars movies, Ghosts of Mars is late-career Carpenter at his most gonzo. Featuring a group of Mars cops (led by Natasha Henstridge and Jason Statham) and a band of criminals (led by professional lip-biter Ice Cube) fending off a group of possessed Martian ghosts who make themselves up like Marilyn Manson, Ghosts of Mars has all the grunge-rock, lesbian subplots and awkward cross-fades you might expect from the master of terror – or not. Check it out along with our custom cocktail and drinking rules!

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THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: Jack Ready and Double Tough

In honor of the faux-tough guy Ice Cube and crew give in this movie, as well as the dirty Martian-Western setting, we’ve got a spiced-rum drink with lambic and framboise to turn it nice and red. Also, we serve it with a giant ice cube because, well, you know. 

1 large ice cube (use Tevolo ice sphere or cube molds)
2 parts spiced rum
1 part lambic
3 parts cranberry juice
dash, orange bitters
splash, framboise

Combine ingredients in a shaker and mix well. Pour straight over ice cube in a rocks glass. Serve. 


  1. Every time we shift in and out of a different flashback
  2. Any time Carpenter cuts using a weird fade or wipe
  3. Whenever Jason Statham makes a gross comment toward Natasha Henstridge


Ice Cube says to Natasha Henstridge, “Time to stay alive.”

Join us next week as we continue our March on Mars with Disney’s financial flop John Carter!

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