CONNICKUH SPECIAL: Angels Sing (2013) w/Blastropodcast

angels sing

Harry Connickuh, everybody! This week, Mark Soloff of Blastropodcast and Our Fair City flies in from his home planet to celebrate the week before Christmas, where we sample another entry in the oeuvre of Renaissance man Harry Connick Jr.! This year, we’re melding Connickuh and Christmas a bit with 2013’s made-for-TV movie Angels Sing, in which cynical rad-dad Michael Walker (Connick Jr.) learns the true meaning of Christmas after getting a house at a steal from Weed Santa (Willie Nelson). That meaning, of course, being that you’re not a complete and whole person unless you put up Christmas decorations. SERIOUSLY. Enjoy the madness along with our custom cocktail and drinking rules!*

*Oh, and be sure to hit up the Salt Lick BBQ. Yee-hah!

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angels sing cocktail

 A take on the sling (just a fancy word for ‘cocktail’), this Angels Sing version includes bourbon, orange, and all kinds of deeper floral holiday flavors. Just don’t drink too many of them – you may wake up with a mortgage on Santa’s house and neighbors dropping off boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations.

2 parts Angel’s Envy bourbon
1 tbsp sour cherry/chokecherry jam
2 parts orange juice
1 part orange liqueur
1 part Luxardo Amaro

  1. Combine ingredients in shaker with ice; mix till combined.
  2. Pour straight into cocktail glass. Garnish with tangerine.


  1. Whenever a character says “Christmas”
  2. Any time someone (who’s not Harry Connick Jr.) starts singing a Christmas song
  3. Every time Harry Connick Jr. wears a new lame sweater


Harry Connick Jr. says, “I blamed myself. I blamed Christmas. And that’s about the worst thing that can happen.”

Join us next week as we formally celebrate the Yuletide by smashing Russia in the face with a boxing glove with Rocky IV!

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