The Rocketeer (1991) w/Aaron J. Amendola of VStheUNIVERSE


This week, Chicago geek titan Aaron J. Amendola (of VStheUNIVERSE and Panels on Channels) graces our microphones to help us talk about the charming 90s comic book flick The Rocketeer! Based on the comic book, The Rocketeer follows stunt pilot Cliff Secord (Billy Campbell), who stumbles upon a rocket pack invented by Howard Hughes (Terry O’Quinn) and – who else – the Nazis! Joe Johnston’s audition tape for Captain America: The First Avenger is a fun celebration of the Golden Age of Hollywood which stops just short of accusing Errol Flynn of being a Nazi spy. We talk about Jennifer Connelly, the film’s rough production, and more, along with our custom cocktail and drinking rules!



We got a bit cheeky with our drink concept this time! We used arugula (known in the UK as rocket-eh? eh?) as the base note for this fresh, peppery cocktail. We throw in some sweet citrus flavors with lemon, raspberries and honey to balance the dry gin and arugula. The result is a refreshing, balanced drink that’s just as fizzy and fun as the film itself. 

1 handful fresh arugula (aka rocket)
2 slices of fresh lemon
5-6 raspberries
dash, honey
2oz dry London gin
2oz Prickly Pear soda

  1. Muddle arugula, raspberries and lemon in shaker, add gin. Shake until combined.
  2. Pour into Collins or pilsner glass with ice; top with soda.
  3. Garnish with lemon slice, arugula leaves, raspberry.


  1. Whenever someone says the word ‘rocket’
  2. Every time a character takes a sock to the jaw
  3. Any time a 1930s cultural or historical figure is seen or mentioned


Neville Sinclair purrs, “It wasn’t lies, Jenny… it was acting.”

Join us next week with the Harry Connick Jr. Christmas film Angels Sing!

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One thought on “The Rocketeer (1991) w/Aaron J. Amendola of VStheUNIVERSE

  1. A really significant event in The Rocketeer to me was the heavy who was made up to look like Rondo Hattan–one of the scariest characters of his time.

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