FOURTH OF JULY SPECIAL: National Treasure (2004) w/Blurry Photos

National Treasure

Happy birthday, America! To celebrate our nation’s birthday (and recent events have made us pretty proud to be an American), the Daves from the Blurry Photos Podcast join us to talk about the 2004 Nic Cage movie National Treasure. Part Indiana Jones movie, part Pirates of the Caribbean, part social studies filler movie, National Treasure follows adventurer Ben Franklin Gates (Cage) and his trusty crew as they work to stop evil Englishman Sean Bean from stealing the Declaration of Independence by… stealing the Declaration of Independence?

Along the way, we ask all manner of questions, including: Did George Washington have to campaign for the presidency? How distrustful are we of people without American accents? Does Ben Gates think about all the historical artifacts he destroys along the way to the treasure he doesn’t even really want? Find out these answers and more, along with our custom cocktail and drinking rules!

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THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: Sammy Brandy Shandy

National Treasure CocktailIn keeping with the movie’s love letter to American history (and our love of cutesy names), we used Sam Adams as the base for a beer-and-brandy cocktail. Think of this as a jazzy version of what the Freemasons might throw back on a night out. 

5 parts Sam Adams Boston Lager
5 parts lemonade
2 parts brandy
1 part Cointreau

1) Muddle raspberries in a shaker and add to the bottom of a pilsner glass.
2) Add ice and ingredients, and stir until combined.
3) Toast to America and enjoy. 


  1. Whenever someone spits out American historical trivia
  2. Any time the crew finds a new clue
  3. Every time someone says the word “treasure”


Ben says despondently, “I just…really thought I would find the treasure.”

Join us next week as we bust up the gritty future of Mega-City One with the 2012 cult comic book movie Dredd!

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