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This week on Alcohollywood, dude Clint and dude Jared team up with Twin Cinema‘s very own dude Theo to talk 1997’s Nickelodeon buddy comedy Good Burger! A relic of a more innocent time when kid’s show sketches got their own movies and Nickelodeon was a major cultural force, Good Burger weirdly mixes the “Good Burger” sketch from All That and the Kenan & Kel double act from The Kenan & Kel Show to tell the tale of two fast-food employees fighting to save their underdog restaurant against the evil, pleathered corporate overlords at Mondo Burger.

Along the way, Kel nearly kills Carmen Electra, Kenan manipulates a naive lunatic into giving him most of his earnings, and veteran character actor Abe Vigoda slowly waits in the background, begging for death. It’s a strange world where “illegal food additives” make burgers explode, and lunatic asylums can be escaped with a little bit of Funkadelic and an ice cream truck. Still, we’ve got the custom cocktail and drinking rules to help you through. Take a listen!

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good burger cocktail

Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda! That’s literally the only thing we could remember about Kenan & Kel, particularly in this movie, so we used that as the basis for our burger-shop milkshake cocktail. It’s no great shakes (eh? eh?), but we liked the idea of slapdashing a Frankenstein’s monster out of a McD’s strawberry milkshake, orange soda, and a bunch of citrusy booze. It’s the cocktail this film deserves. 

3 parts vodka
1 part silver tequila
Dash, cherry bitters
1 small McDonald’s strawberry milkshake
4oz orange soda

Blend all ingredients in a blender; pour into a Collins glass and garnish with a whipped cream, cherry and lime. 


  1. Every time Dexter (Kenan) makes one of his obnoxious whining sounds
  2. Anytime Ed (Kel) takes something too literally
  3. Whenever you see pernicious product placement


Otis (Abe Vigoda) shouts, “I need a hot Jacuzzi!”

Join us next week as Nathan Rabin joins us once again for another ‘90s comedic flop that Clint watched too much as a child – John Leguizamo’s The Pest!

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