Mr. Nanny (1993) LIVE at PodSlam ’15 w/Nathan Rabin

mr nanny

This week on the podcast, we engage in our first LIVE episode of the show as part of the charity podcast marathon PodSlam ‘15, with special guest Nathan Rabin (author of You Don’t Know Me But You Don’t Like Me and every online movie review/thinkpiece you’ve ever loved)! Given that this was a wrestling-themed charity marathon, we decided to take on the baffling Hulk Hogan vehicle Mr. Nanny*, in which the mustachioed lunkhead plays a former wrestler turned bodyguard tasked with nannying/protecting the precociously homicidal kids of a rich inventor (Austin Pendleton) from the cartoonishly chrome-domed villain Thanatos (novelty singer David Johansen). Along the way, Hulk is beset with electrocutions, fake blood, and savage head trauma – and that’s just from the kids. Still, we had fun dissecting this fascinating disaster, thanks to our live audience, who got to enjoy our custom cocktail and drinking game!

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That time a dog gets thrown in the ocean in the background of Mr. Nanny



Because we just can’t resist puns, we made a spicy variant of the classic Smash cocktail, with some tropical flavors (including mango and lime) to fit the movie’s weird Florida setting. (This amount should make one pitcher; we made a bunch to share with our audience.) After some of this, no amount of electrocution or humiliation by attention-starved rich kids can touch you.  

4 parts vodka
1 brandy
1 medium bunch mint
2 large oranges
2 medium lemons
3 medium limes
1 jalapeno
3 parts fresh mango juice
4 parts soda water

  • Deseed and finely chop the jalapeno; bruise some mint leaves and set aside.
  • Put the citrus and rest of the mint in a shaker or large tumbler and muddle vigorously until it’s all smashed up; strain into pitcher.
  • Add boozes and mango juice and stir to mix; add mint leaves and jalapeno. Top with soda water.
  • Pour into Collins glasses (or, in the case of our live episode, red Solo cups) and garnish with mint.


  1. Whenever Hulk Hogan takes a hit (from the kids or a henchman)
  2. Every time someone slings a PG-ified insult at someone (‘doodoohead,’ ‘powderpuff’)
  3. Anytime someone says the word ‘kids’


Shermen Helmsley quips, “Wow, he really lost his top!”

Thanks to everyone who came out to the live performance, and don’t forget to donate to Connor’s Cure at the link in our post! Next week, we’ll be giving you our now-recovered episode on The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, and after that we’re back on schedule with John Cusack’s batshit-crazy The Raven!

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