HORROR OCTORBOR III: Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) w/Forced Viewing

paranormal activity 3

This week on Alcohollywood, we strap cameras onto some oscillating fans and bring along Daniel Lackey of Forced Viewing and The Nightmare Gallery to talk Paranormal Activity 3! This third entry in the found-footage ghost/demon/whatever(?) series has all the thrills and spills you expect from the series: passive-aggressive bickering between couples, small noises in the night, time-lapse standing near beds, and so much more. Even still, we dig into the nature of found footage, especially this series. We also talk about what exactly makes us fear the idea of watching someone else’s home movies. Take a listen, and try out our custom cocktail and drinking game while you’re at it!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Early next week, between this episode and our last Horror Octorbor episode, we’ll be doing a mini-episode of Clint’s coverage of the 2014 Chicago International Film Festival – including an interview with Evolution of a Criminal director Darius Clark Monroe. Stay tuned for that!



paranormal activity 3 cocktailWe love us some puns here, so our Paranormal Activity cocktail is pear-based, with some gentle, fruity flavors to supplement the sly sweetness of the pear. The result is immensely crisp, bright and floral, which should help you get through those dark scenes of nocturnal  mayhem. 

3-4 basil leaves
orange slice
lime slice
4 parts pear juice
1 part jasmine liqueur
2 parts London dry gin
1 part honeydew-infused rum
1 part grilled chayote squash juice (optional)


  1. Muddle basil, orange and lime in a cocktail shaker; add remaining ingredients and ice and shake well.
  2. Strain into cocktail glass and enjoy. Top with Midori if you want a little more melon-y bite and some color contrast. 


  1. Whenever characters actively discuss the camera in dialogue
  2. Any time figures are seen in doorways (or rushing past)
  3. Every time a character suspensefully swings a camera around a corner or opens a door. Be sure to lead it up by vocally asking, “GHOOOOOOOST…..?” (Drink twice if a ghost or jump scare actually happens.)


Dennis says, “We’re leaving RIGHT NOW.”

Join us for our CIFF 2014 minisode early next week, then we wrap up Horror Octorbor with Halloween III: Season of the Witch!

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2 thoughts on “HORROR OCTORBOR III: Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) w/Forced Viewing

  1. Another cool episode. I don’t think I could handle watching all P.A. movies all at once. I liked the first one way more because adding a mythology to it made it less scary in my opinion. It had some cool set up shots, but overall it was just a cash grab. Love your show

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