50TH EPISODE SPECIAL: The NeverEnding Story (1984)

neverending story

This week on Alcohollywood, we celebrate our 50th episode with some of our previous guests (Rachel from our Captain America episode, Julia from several of our episodes, Craig from our Fellini Satyricon episode, and Nick from our Independence Day episode) to watch the Wolfgang Peterson children’s fantasy filmĀ The NeverEnding Story! Join Bastian Balthazar Bux (Barret Oliver) as we watch him reading a book, while learning the tale of young warrior Atreyu (Noah Hathaway) and his fight to save the kingdom of Fantasia from the Nothing!

We also announce the winner of our Alcohollywood Drinking Game Contest: user TTBF from SA, who gives us this drinking game for the podcast:

“Rule 1: Drink anytime for laughter – It doesn’t matter if it is laughter, a giggle, a snort, or any other audible form of finding something humorous. Drink for it.

Rule 2: Drink anytime technical aspects of a film are mentioned – Cinematogaphy, blocking, lighting, mise en scene, and even motifs.

Rule 3: Drink every time someone goes off topic – Whether it to be discuss other movies an actor’s been in, some hard science, or other such things. Optional addition: Include skipping around in the movie as being off-topic.

Finish your drink line: Finish your drink when you hear any variant of ‘And that brings us to our finish your drink line.'”

(NOTE: Beware that this episode is filled with more alcohol-fueled antics than normal, as well as a couple stuffy noses.)



neverending story cocktail

5 parts gin

2 parts Flimm Apfel apple liqueur

2 parts Goldschlager

1 part St. Germain

splash, lemon

splash bitters

Combine and stir.



  1. Whenever you see a reaction shot of Bastian (either before or during his reading session)
  2. Anytime someone says “Atreyu”
  3. When a character says the word “nothing”


Bastian (Barret Oliver) screams, nearly unintelligibly, the name he gives to the Childlike Empress

Join us next week as we revisit Steven Spielberg’s ouvre for the first time since our first episode – this time, we’re taking on his first film, the direct-to-TV thriller Duel!

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