The Prestige (2006)


On the eve of the release of The Dark Knight Rises, we here at Alcohollywood decided to check out one of the more infrequently-discussed films in the Nolan oeuvre – 2006’s The Prestige, starring Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johanssen and Michael Caine! The film follows two rival magicians whose constant need to outdo each other leads them to increasingly monstrous acts, while Michael Caine watches on dispassionately and gives poignant monologues.

With the dreamlike quality of Inception and a cast consisting of half the active superheroes in Hollywood (Batman, Wolverine, Black Widow, David Bowie), The Prestige is definitely not to be overlooked!


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The Transported Man

prestige cocktail

Green olives

splash, lemon and lime juice

6 parts Cointreau

4 parts egg white

3 parts orange juice

2 parts water

leaf basil

juniper berries


1) Place one green olive apiece in sections of ice cube tray; add lemon and lime juice, fill with vermouth. Keep in freezer until frozen.

2)  Whip Cointreau, egg white, orange juice, water, basil and juniper until it forms a foam (you can also use a nitrous oxide canister and dispenser to create the foam).

3) In Collins glass or martini glass, fill with vodka, insert vermouth cube, top with foam. Add juniper berries for garnish.

(NON-MOLECULAR MIXOLOGY VERSION: Make your standard vodka martini; add Cointreau, insert leaf basil and juniper berries.)


  1.  THE PLEDGE – whenever a character points out Borden’s or Angier’s character flaws
  2. THE TURN – whenever someone or something is imprisoned in anyway
  3. THE PRESTIGE – whenever you see silly facial hair


Alfred Borden (Christian Bale) finally says, “Abracadabra.”

Keep a look out the weekend of August 9-12 to get our coverage of Wizard World Chicago Comic Con in Rosemont, IL!

Next week on Alcohollywood, we’re covering one of the strangest movies we’ve ever seen – Federico Fellini’s Fellini Satyricon!

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  1. HJ only ever talks about his wife with the CB who wasn’t on stage when she died. CB literally doesn’t know which knot was tied. His brother was the one who tied the knot, and there’s tension between the two of them as a result because he feels remorse about an action his brother might have taken that resulted in HJ’s wife’s death.

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