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big lebowski

It’s one of the Coen Brothers’ most well-known and tremendously popular movies; it’s spawned a convention series and a religion, and nearly everyone knows at least one line from this movie. This week on Alcohollywood, we’re covering The Big Lebowski, the dark comedy/neo-noir/Gulf War period piece that has more or less defined the careers of both the Coen Brothers and Jeff Bridges. The search for a replacement for his prized, pissed-on rug sends aging hippie Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski (Bridges) on a journey fraught with danger, ferrets, nihilists, bowling, and much more! We’ve got a lot to talk about here, so pour yourself either our signature drink or the White Russians the Dude is so fond of, and check out our review and drinking game here!

SPECIAL GUESTS: For this trip through SoCal in the early ’90s, we’re bringing along with us Matt K and Ry the Movie Guy from another great podcast in the Chicago Area, CinemaJaw; also, look out for their next great episode, which they were gracious enough to have us on as guests! (Due to some technical difficulties, 47:00 to 48:30 is a little lower-quality than usual, so be patient; the audio quality clears back up quickly.)


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: Walter’s Whiteys

big lebowski cocktail

1 part coffee liqueur

1 part Irish cream

2 parts vanilla flavored vodka

1 part Chambord

1 part walnut liqueur

Combine and pour over ice.





  1. Every time someone says “Dude”
  2. Any time a character says “man”
  3. Whenever something is vandalized (rugs, cars, etc.)


The Dude (Jeff Bridges) sums up his attitude toward life in the offhand line, “The Dude abides.”

Look out early next week for a special truncated episode with some goodies from our Captain America and Big Lebowski episodes (Hint: take a listen if you’re a fan of trivia quizzes); also, next week we offer a drinking game/review for the Brian De Palma hit The Untouchables, starring Kevin Costner, Robert De Niro, and Sean Connery as a very Scottish-sounding Chicagoan.

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