Eddie and the Cruisers (1983)

eddie and the cruisers

This week, we strap on our guitars and talk about the forgotten 1980s musical drama Eddie and the Cruisers!

Telling the fictional story of a one-hit wonder band in 1960s New Jersey, Eddie and the Cruisers follows the remaining members of the band (including Tom Berenger) trying to piece together their lives after the untimely death of frontman/visionary Eddie Wilson (Michael Pare).

Equal parts The Day the Music Died, Bruce Springsteen and Jim Morrison, Eddie and the Cruisers is a bafflingly dull music biopic with a few glimmers of inspiration (and an ambitiously soundalike soundtrack courtesy of Springsteen knockoff John Cafferty). Listen to us break down this cult favorite, along with our custom cocktail and drinking game!

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eddie and the cruisers cocktail


  1. Any time the soundtrack breaks into some sexy, Boss-caliber saxophone
  2. Every time you see a cigarette that’s either unlit or not being smoked by anyone
  3. Whenever a flashback begins (e.g. Tom Berenger gets real pensive and the camera pushes in to his face)


The Cruisers’ investor says to them in after a failed recording session, “This is what I’ve been waiting a year for? Buncha jerkoffs making weird sounds?!”

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