Hardcore Henry (2016) w/Leo Brady

hardcore henry

Hot off the heels of Video Game Movie Month, we stumble upon another video game-y film for May – Hardcore Henry! Leo Brady of AMovieGuy.com joins us to talk about this bold, but flawed experiment in making a film mimic the frenetic perspective (and questionable moral center) of FPS games. Check it out along with our custom cocktail and drinking rules!

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hardcore henry cocktail


  1. Any time a Sharlto Copley character dies
  2. Whenever you see a damsel in distress, or women in otherwise icky situations
  3. Every time Hardcore Henry changes weapons


Akan says, “Who would have thought pussy was a helluva motivator?”

Join us next week as we take a step back into some more innocuous children’s fare — oh god there’s CAR MURDER! That’s right, it’s the 1987 animated film The Brave Little Toaster!

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