Alcohollywood Podcast Ep. 334 – HORROR OCTORBOR: Thinner (1996)


(CONTENT WARNING: use of the word ‘gypsy’
We explain the full context of its usage in the episode, and its ubiquity in the film itself makes it relatively unavoidable as a term. However, we understand its seriousness as a pejorative to the Romani people, and apologize in advance for anyone who might be offended.)

Seven years in, and Alcohollywood is on its seventh Horror Octorbor! Some Kind of Goblin sets upon us a mission to explore films related to the seven deadly sins, so we’re temporarily back to weekly episodes as we try to take this on!

For our first foray into sinful horror films, we dig into the sin of gluttony with 1996’s Thinner, a goofy, more than a little racist bit of Stephen King schlock in which an unscrupulous, obese attorney (Robert John Burke) gets cursed by an elderly Romani (Michael Constantine) as punishment for running over his daughter. His curse? To grow “thinner” each day, no matter how much he eats, until his body consumes itself. 

It’s a wackadoodle premise told with incredible relish by director Tom Holland (the original Fright Night), and the film’s latter half is full of fun beats courtesy of Kari Wuhrer and Joe Mantegna. But all of its outsized pulp can’t quite overcome its unsympathetic, ugly characters. And, well, the whole “gypsy curse” premise itself doesn’t age well (much like the makeup, though it’s not like horror master Rob Bottin could anticipate the coming of HD). 

Enjoy a heaping helping of our podcast, along with our drinking game for the film!

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  1. Any time you hear the word “gypsy”
  2. Every time Billy’s appearance changes demonstrably (i.e. changes in the fat suit)
  3. Whenever a character eats


Tadzu Lempke tells Billy to “Die clean, white man from town! Die clean!”

Join us next week as we continue our exploration of the seven deadly sins, moving on to Lust with the sexy-alien movie Species!

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