Alcohollywood Podcast Ep. 329 – Dunston Checks In (1994) LIVE at Moxy Chicago

For this episode, we crashed Hotel Moxy in downtown Chicago for their inaugural Moxy SoundOff Podcast Series, trapping ourselves in a little glass booth for the entertainment of our live audience. Since this live podcast took place in a hotel, and we’ve already done The Shining, we decided to tackle the second-greatest movie set in a hotel – Dunston Checks In!

This kiddie caper set in an art-deco Manhattan hotel stars Jason Alexander as your classic overworked ’90s dad, who must suddenly contend with a jewel-thief orangutan loose in his hotel. Luckily, his adorable kids (including Eric Lloyd from The Santa Clause) have already befriended Dunston, and they set out to stop his former master (Rupert Everett) from… stealing stuff, I think?

To our great shock and horror, we ended up liking Dunston Checks In a lot more than we expected. Come listen to our astonished, modest praise of this slapsticky kid’s flick, and check out our custom cocktail and drinking game here!

(Thanks to our sponsor Second City Training Center as part of the Chicago Podcast Coop!)



  1. Any time you see a different hotel amenity
  2. Every time someone says the word ‘monkey’ WHEN THAT’S NOT WHAT DUNSTON IS
  3. Whenever you see Spider-Man


Kyle says to Brian, “If Dad ever found out we checked Dunston into the hotel, we’d be in big trouble.”

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