Lost in Space (1998) w/ Lauren Faits of She-Ra Progressive of Power

Danger, Will Robinson! With Netflix’s reboot of Lost in Space coming out today, we (along with Lauren Faits, co-host of She-Ra: Progressive of Power) decided to talk about the first time the classic sci-fi show got revamped: the 1998 film Lost in Space!

Reverse-engineering the campy 60s TV show into a four-quadrant CG blockbuster, Lost in Space sees the Space Family Robinson (William Hurt, Mimi Rogers, Heather Graham, Lacey Chabert, Jack Johnson) hurtled into unknown space along with their Robot and cocky pilot Don West (Matt LeBlanc) after traitorous Dr. Smith (Gary Oldman) sabotages the ship. It’s got everything you expect from the 90s – shitty techno remixes of the original theme, annoying CG space monkeys and pre-Youtube teen vlogging!

Clint thinks it has its charms (including Oldman, the bubbly, neon-soaked production design and the rousing Western-tinged score by Bruce Broughton); Jared and Lauren are…less than convinced by the hokey script and flat performances. 

Does it deserve its status as the film that finally sunk Titanic from its 15-week reign at the box office? Or should we just wait for the Netflix show instead? Find out, along with our custom cocktail and drinking game!

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  1. Any time the film centers on Gary Oldman’s face (so we can see his scheming up close)
  2. Every time someone says the word ‘lost’
  3. Whenever Don West engages in a creepy come-on with Judy (Heather Graham)


Adult Will (Jared Harris) says, “Don’t make me wait another lifetime to let me know how you feel.” 

We’re staying in space next episode, as we answer our Twitter poll by taking on our first Netflix film – The Cloverfield Paradox!

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