Gaslight (1944)


This week, Theo of Twin Cinema (who covered this film on their show as well) joins us to talk about the classic 1944 psychological thriller Gaslight!

When a young newlywed (Ingrid Bergman, in an Oscar-winning performance) moves in with her controlling new beau Anton (Charles Boyer) into her late aunt’s home, she finds herself the victim of psychologically controlling behavior meant to keep her from suspecting her husband of criminal activities.

It’s a cracking noir with beautiful performances from Bergman and Angela Lansbury (in her debut role), so check out our episode, along with our custom cocktail and drinking game! 

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gaslight cocktail


  1. Any time Paula and Anton smooch
  2. Every time you see profiles in the frame (whether or face or of statuary)
  3. Whenever you actually see a gas lantern being lit (get it? Eh?)


Anton asks Joseph Cotten, “What do you want?” only for him to reply, “The jewels… and JUSTICE.”

Join us next week as we take a wrong turn at Albuquerque with the mid-2000s Joe Dante film Looney Tunes: Back in Action!

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