How High (2001)

how high

This week, we toke up with Shannon Campe (of the podcast Stage of Fools) and Zach Powers (also of Stage of Fools and The Revisionists) as we dig into 2001’s stoner comedy How High! When Method Man and Redman get into Harvard by smoking the ashes of their dead friend, you know you’re in for a baffling experience. Along the way, we talk about the film’s quaint early-aughts racism, the weird blending of frat and hip-hop cultures, and the fact that a college comedy buries the lede by secretly being about GHOST WEED.

Come check out our thoughts along with our custom cocktail and drinking game!

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how high cocktail


  1. Any time characters hallucinate and see weird stuff while high
  2. Every time you see men with women literally on their arms
  3. Whenever someone wears a new kickin’ early 2000s hat


Lark Voorhees says, “Harvard is now the owner of America’s very first…bong!”

Join us next week as we update our security systems and grow a post-Rodney King distrust of police with the 1992 Kurt Russell/Ray Liotta thriller Unlawful Entry!

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