SHARK WEEK SPECIAL: Shark Lake (2015) w/Down In Front

shark lake

It’s Shark Week, folks, and Joshua Harris from the Chicago riffing group Down In Front joins us this time around to talk about the 2015 schlockfest Shark Lake! Dolph Lundgren “stars” as Clint Gray, an ex-con exotic animal smuggler whose last-minute dumping of smuggled bull sharks into Lake Tahoe leads to a Jaws-like fracas that only he and stalwart policewoman Meredith can solve. Featuring shoddy CG sharks, beach-noir subplots that appear and disappear at will, and barely any Dolph Lundgren, this was one of the more fascinating slogs we’ve dealt with in awhile. Check out what we thought, along with our custom cocktail and drinking game!

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THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The Blue Dolph-gren

shark lake cocktailWe took the fruity, tropical Blue Dolphin cocktail and shook it up a bit with muddled peach and lime juice to offset the syrupy sweetness of the Green River soda and pineapple rum. 

1 parts Pineapple rum
1 part coconut water
3-4 peach slices
½ part lime juice
2 parts Green River soda

Muddle peach slices in a shaker, then add ice, rum, coconut water and lime juice. Shake vigorously till combined, then strain into a cocktail glass. Top with soda and serve. 


  1. Every time Dolph Lundgren actually shows up in the movie
  2. Any time a person gets eaten by a shark
  3. Whenever someone names a type of animal (mostly sharks, but sometimes – and far too often – bears)


Peter (aka Dr. Bears) snidely says, “The Earth is a bad neighborhood.

Join us next week as we celebrate America’s birthday once more with The Adventures of the American Rabbit!

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