In Bruges (2009)

in bruges

This week, returning guest Derek Jarvis stops by as we break down the acerbic wit and tough-guy moralism of Martin McDonagh’s black crime comedy In Bruges! After a botched hit, the twitchy Ray (Colin Farrell) is sent to the medieval Belgian hamlet of Bruges with his partner Ken (Brendan Gleeson) by their inscrutable, temperamental boss Harry Waters (Ralph Fiennes). While there, they take in the sights, clash with the local populace, and occasionally gain an insight or two about the human condition. Of course, all this is set to a flurry of creative profanity, Gothic architecture, and the deeply, darkly human characters you can expect from an acclaimed playwright like McDonagh. Check out our discussion along with our custom cocktail and drinking game!

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in bruges cocktailAn ode to the high saturation of profanity, as well as the film’s Irish pedigree and Belgian setting, we mixed Irish whiskey, orahovac green walnut liqueur, and walnut milk to craft an elegantly creamy cocktail befitting a sleepy stay in the oldest medieval town left standing.

3oz Irish whiskey
3oz walnut milk*
2oz Badel Orahovac fruit liqueur
Dash, Belgian chocolate bitters

Combine ingredients in a rocks glass with large cold ice cubes, Stir to combine.

*To make the walnut milk, just soak a bunch of shelled walnuts in water overnight, then blend until it forms a thick white puree. Strain the bits out with a fine seive or cheesecloth and there’s your walnut milk!


  1. Every time someone drops an f-bomb (PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY)
  2. Any time a new major location in Bruges is shown
  3. Whenever the characters drink


Harry shouts, “Don’t be stupid, this is the shootout!”

Join us next week as we follow our mission from God with the Chicago classic The Blues Brothers!

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