HERE MAY BE DRAGONS: How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

how to train your dragon

Our month of dragon movies continues with returning guest Julia and 2010’s animated film How to Train Your Dragon! Dreamworks’ surprisingly solid kid’s film follows awkward Viking Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and his quest to tame and train his newfound dragon pal Toothless. It’s a surprisingly solid kid’s flick, and we’ve got a drinking game and custom cocktail for it – check it out!

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THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: How to Drain Your Flagon

In honor of both the hearty Viking culture of the film (and our love of the pun name, which we came up with first) we centered this drink around Dragon’s Milk Stout. To give it a little bit of dragon’s breath, we infused a syrup with the VERY SPICY manzano pepper, so use caution when drinking.

how to train your dragon cocktail1 bottle Dragon’s Milk Stout, chillled
1 ounce rye
½ ounce orange juice
½ honey-lemon-manzano pepper seed syrup (BEWARE-SPICY)

Mix syrup ingredients in a sauce pan with water and reduce till thick. Cool, then mix in porter glass with stout, rye and orange juice. Garnish with lemon wheel and manzano pepper top. Be sure to sip this one, it’s got a bit of a kick.


  1. Whenever a character mentions a specific species of dragon
  2. Any time you see Toothless’ teeth
  3. Every time Gobber changes to a new prosthetic hand apparatus


Fishlegs yells, “Look at us! We’re on a dragon! We’re on dragons! All of us!”

Join us next week as we close out Dragon Month with the ur-text for terrible dragon films – 1999’s Dungeons & Dragons!

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