Galaxy Quest (1999)

galaxy quest

This week on the podcast, Chicago actor and friend of the show Tom McGrath (@TCMcG) joins us to pay tribute to the late, great Alan Rickman with the 1999 sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest! A pitch-perfect parody/celebration of Star Trek and science fiction fandom that’s way better than it has any right to be, Rickman’s Spock-like Dr. Lazarus is just one great piece in this hilarious cult puzzle. Along the way, we give our drinking rules, show you the recipe for our custom cocktail (see below), and fill the air with Alan Rickman and Mathezar impressions. By Grabthar’s hammer, what an episode!

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THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: Grabthar’s Hammer

galaxy quest cocktailIn tribute to the passing of one of the greatest actors of his generation, we created a Dr. Lazarus-themed cocktail that befits his alien heritage and purple blood. Using locally-sourced Outer Space vodka (you can use whatever vodka you’d like), we crafted a curiously tropical drink for one of Britain’s most British actors. Served best with Tekmar blood ticks. 

2 parts Outer Space vodka
1 part lime-infused rum
3 parts pineapple juice
dash, black walnut bitters

Combine in rocks glass over ice; add red and blue food coloring and stir. Garnish with lime. 


  1. Whenever characters bring up lore/minutiae from the Galaxy Quest TV show
  2. Every time the Galaxy Quest theme crops up in the soundtrack
  3. Any time you see a new crazy critter, courtesy of the great Stan Winston


Dr. Lazarus makes his fan’s dream come true by telling Quellek, “By Grabthar’s Hammer…by the sons of Worvan…you shall be avenged.”

Join us next week as we watch Keanu Reeves hunt demons in the comic book flick Constantine!

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