Minisode 199a – Geek Bar Recap, Episode 200 Trailer, and State of the Podcast Address!

While the 200th episode is still in post-production (check out the trailer for our fully-produced radio drama production of Indiana Jones and the Monkey King in the episode!), we decided to give you a minisode State of the Podcast address this week! Within, we talk to youse guys about the state of the podcast 200 episodes in, our amazing event at Geek Bar Beta earlier this week, and ask you to start bringing us feedback on what we do well/what we could be doing better! (Leave it in the mailbag or head to our page, or leave an iTunes review!)



This episode is sponsored by Emporium Arcade Bar, a proud member of the Chicago Podcast Coop!

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Join us next week as we welcome ourselves to Michael Bay’s The Rock!

Our second #cocktail, the Tiki Tyki! Come on down to Geek Bar tonight at 7 to try it out!

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The first of two custom #cocktails for our Geek Bar event, the Sun Wu Kung! Stop on by to try it!

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