Young Einstein (1988)

young einstein

G’day, listeners! This week, we head down under once more to take on Yahoo Serious’ 1988 cult comedy Young Einstein! Telling an intentionally anachonistic and inaccurate version of Albert Einstein’s life story, the film recasts him as a goofy Australian bushman (Serious) who travels to Sidney to make his name after inventing a formula for splitting the atom (to put foam in beer, of course), romancing Marie Curie and inventing rock ‘n roll along the way. The whole thing is basically one joke stretched out to 90 minutes, but damnit if we don’t try to make sense of the thing (I guess humor is relative wakka wakka), in between bungling accents of all kinds and creating our custom cocktail and drinking game!



THIS EPISO$DE’S DRINK: Apple-ied Fizz-ics

young einstein cocktailYoung Einstein loves apples, so we went all out with this cider-y cocktail. Not unlike the film, we oversell our gimmick by making just about everything in this drink from apple-flavored something – still, it turned out surprisingly delicious (especially with the cinnamon-y kick from the bitters). Give it a whirl!

2 parts apple brandy
1 part apple juice
4 parts apple cider
dash, apple bitters

Combine in glass with ice; mix well. Garnish with apple slice. 


  1. Every time Einstein eats an apple
  2. Whenever you hear classical music or variations thereof
  3. Any time you see signs and/or labels (usually used to telegraph jokes)


Einstein says, “If you can’t trust the governments of the world, who can you trust?”

Join us next week as we find out why we really should have had Angie’s List in the 90s, with the bad-nanny thriller The Hand that Rocks the Cradle!

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