Detention (2011) w/Consequence of Sound


This week on Alcohollywood, we (along with Nick Freed of Consequence of Sound) face our greatest challenge as we take on the aggressively weird, hyperkinetic 2011 high school horror meta-comedy Detention! Music video raconteur Joseph Kahn (of Torque…fame?) self-financed this off-kilter, virtually indescribable tale of high school students, horror movie slasher villains, time travel, alien vegetarians, body swaps, man-fly hybrids, and Dane Cook in his most restrained performance.

With its incredibly schizophrenic pace and high ambitions, the movie throws everything at the wall and tries to see what sticks, creating a film that you will either absolutely love or absolutely loathe. Who loved it? Who hated it? Find out in our episode, and be sure to check out our custom cocktail and drinking rules!



THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The After-School Special

detention cocktailFor this crazy, balls-to-the-wall movie involving a time-traveling bear, we decided to throw in some Bärenjäger into some sweet, treacly black mango tea-infused vodka. If you love the movie, it’s got that same sense of brightness. If you hate the film’s extremes, it’s also nice and simple to counterbalance the movie’s insanity.

1 part Bärenjäger honey liqueur
2 parts black mango tea-infused vodka
1 part peach puree
splash, lemon
splash, tangerine

1) To infuse the tea, steep a bag of honey mango tea in plain vodka; the longer, the better. 
2) Combine ingredients in a glass with ice and serve (hot or cold, according to your preference).


  1. Whenever the camera pans slightly in one direction to reveal something new in the scene
  2. Every time a new instance of text appears on the screen
  3. Any time a new song starts in the soundtrack


Sander says, “Read a book — it’s called post-irony.”

Join us next week as we finally hop on the Tom Cruise crazy train with Ridley Scott’s lush fantasy flick Legend!

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