Samurai Cop (1991)

samurai cop

This week on Alcohollywood, Nick Ostrem joins us once more to talk the surprising cult film Samurai Cop, the recently-unearthed 1991 action-comedy starring Robert Z’Dar and Matt Hannon! The film tells the incomprehensible tale of bug-eyed karate cop Joe Samurai (Matt Hannon), his aloof partner (Mark Frazer), and their attempts to break down the evil Japanese Katana gang. Samurai Cop is a whirlwind of laughable acting, stilted dialogue, stunningly bad cinematography and more untouched boobs than you can shake a stick at. Still, we’ve got you covered with our custom cocktail and drinking rules!

(If you need more information on just what the hell Samurai Cop is, the Red Letter Media interviews with Matt Hannon himself provide some desperately required context for the film’s unique madness.)

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samurai cop cocktailSince it’s Thanksgiving time, we decided to take on the unenviable task of marrying turkey-day fall flavors with Japanese fruit flavors. To that end, we made a sake and vodka-based cocktail with red plum juice and yuzu syrup. (yuzu, to use the parlance of Joe Samurai himself, means “Japanese lemon.”).

The end result has a compelling cider flavor, and the infused sweet potato vodka really comes through in the drink. Consider this if you’re spending your Thanksgiving nursing a turkey nap with Samurai Cop on the screen, or if you just want to honor the samurai code on this most hallowed of holidays.

2 parts sake
1 part sweet potato-infused vodka
1 part vanilla-flavored vodka
4 parts red plum juice
1/2 part yuzu syrup*

1) To make the yuzu syrup, juice one yuzu (or substitute with regular lemon) and equal parts brown sugar into a saucepan, and place over medium heat until sugar is dissolved. (It should have a syrupy consistency, which you can put in a bottle and store for months in a refrigerator.)
2) Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice; shake until combined. Pour into rocks glass over ice. Garnish with plum slice, yuzu slice and little Japanese parasol. 


  1. Whenever you see butts (whether male or female)
  2. Any time someone gives a command to someone else
  3. Every time Joe Samurai’s hair clearly switches between real and wig


Robert Z’Dar refers to Joe Samurai as a “samurai super cop.”

Join us next week as we RIDE, POSTMAN with Kevin Costner’s 1997 sci-fi followup to the equally bloated Waterworld, The Postman!

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