Quest for Fire (1981)

Quest for Fire

This week on Alcohollywood, we get in touch with our primitive side with returning guest Theo as we check out the stark prehistoric film Quest for Fire! A strange blend of speculative historical documentary and hero’s journey, the film follows a small group of Neanderthals (including Silver Bullet’s Everett McGill and Bunraku’s Ron Perlman) who must travel to find a new source for fire after it is lost. Along the way, they encounter apelike homo erectus, advanced homo sapiens (including a mesmerizing Rae Dawn Chong) and prehistoric animals of varying levels of terror. The film itself is a fascinating watch that’s difficult to quantify, but we certainly give it our shot. Also be sure to check out our drinking rules and custom cocktail below!


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: Quest for Firewater

Quest for Fire cocktailDealing with such a prehistoric, fire-centric movie, “smoky” was the word we kept in mind when making this cocktail. The idea of a caveman martini appealed to us, since it evokes the same contrast between sophisticated and savage as the film itself. With a combination of High West Campfire Whiskey and muddled chipotle pepper (being a mesquite-smoked jalapeno pepper), we’ve got just the thing to wake up your primitive side. 

5 parts High West Campfire Whiskey
1 part apple juice
1 tsp chipotle pepper (canned in adobo sauce)
caramel sauce

1) Muddle chipotle pepper in shaker with ice; add whiskey and apple juice and stir until combined.
2) Drizzle lines of caramel sauce along the interior of the martini glass.
3) Pour contents of shaker straight into martini glass. Garnish with fingerhot pepper.


  1. Whenever you see butts
  2. Any time a character stabs someone with a spear or arrow
  3. Every time you actually see fire


Naoh (Everett McGill) goes on his ancient-language pump-up speech to his tribe.

Join us next week as we find out whether or not everything is, in fact, awesome – we’re drinking to The LEGO Movie!

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