VIDEO GAME MOVIE MONTH: Cloak and Dagger (1984) w/CinemaJaw

Cloak and Dagger For the month of May, we’re kicking off Video Game Movie Month, where every week we take on a new film adaptation of a video game!

This week, Matt K from CinemaJaw joins us to talk about 1984’s video game-related film Cloak and Dagger! This one’s a bit different, as it’s not so much a video game adaptation as it is a tie-in for a failed Atari video game from the’80s, but we still think it counts. Young Davey (ET’s Henry Thomas) immerses himself in the imaginary world of Cloak and Dagger, only to find himself dealing with a real superspy threat with the help of imaginary hero/dad-figure Jack Flack (Dabney Coleman). Despite – or perhaps because of – its 80s charm, we found a lot to talk about, so check out our episode along with our custom cocktail and drinking rules!


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: Jack Flack’s Flak Jacket

Cloak and Dagger cocktail

Combining a kid’s chocolate milk with the kind of stiff drink a Jack Flack-esque superspy would consume, this beverage also throws in some old fashioned San Antonio flavors befitting its Texan setting.

1 part Jagermeister
2 parts rye whiskey
1 part amaretto
5 parts chocolate milk
dash, blackstrap bitters

Combine in a rocks glass with ice; stir. Garnish with banana slices and maraschino cherry.




  1. Whenever you see a new, glorious ‘80s moustache
  2. Any time you see clocks or timepieces of any kind
  3. Every time someone says the word ‘game’


Davey says, “I don’t wanna play anymore!”

Join us next week as we finish out Video Game Movie Month with the stinker that started it all – Super Mario Bros.: The Movie!

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