Silverado (1985) w/Our Fair City


This week on Alcohollywood, we saddle up with Our Fair City writer (and friend of the show) David Rheinstrom to take a look at Silverado, the 1985 ensemble Western written and directed by Lawrence Kasdan! The film stars Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, Scott Glenn and Kevin Costner as a ragtag band of gunslingers who help each other deal with their personal demons and long-standing rivals, including Brian Dennehy as a corrupt sheriff and Jeff Fahey as an unhinged outlaw. Silverado has a great, fun energy to it while also deftly juggling a complex plot and a large cast of characters. We’ve also got a custom cocktail and drinking rules to help you beat the heat of the Old West!



Our Mexican-themed drink for Silverado, named after Linda Hunt’s saloon in the film, is a triple-threat drink sequence of mezcal (brought to you by official sponsor Ilegal Mezcal), a citrus-habanero sangrita, and a nice cerveza to wash it down.

silverado cocktail

1 part pineapple juice
1 part orange juice
¼ tsp habanero, pulverized
1 part lime juice
1 part aloe water
Silver leaf, edible

Ilegal Mezcal Anejo

Mexican cerveza  of your choice

Combine sangrita ingredients into shaker (deseed and grind habanero in mortar and pestle) and shake vigorously; pour into glass. Drink a sip of that smooth mezcal, then sip the sangrita, then finish it off with your cool beer.


  1. Whenever a character’s hat is removed or replaced, by will or force
  2. Any time a character demonstrates impossibly good aim (one-shot kills, precise accuracy, etc.)
  3. Every time Kevin Costner takes a strange pause before he speaks

*BONUS RULE: Take a shot of whiskey when Danny Glover takes his.


Mal (Danny Glover) holds up two rifles and mutters, “This oughta do.”

Next week, we jump forward to the future with Robin William’s robot dramedy Bicentennial Man!

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