Theatre of Blood (1973)

Theatre of Blood

This week on Alcohollywood, we honor the greatest playwright in literary history with the Shakespeare themed slasher-comedy Theatre of Blood! This 1973 comedy of terrors features horror icon Vincent Price as crazed Shakespearean actor Edward Lionheart, who (along with daughter Diana Rigg and an army of loyal meths drinkers) unleashes a series of elaborate murders against the group of critics who spurned him for an award.

The result is a fantastically campy, yet effortlessly stylish piece of 70s Gothic horror that’s just ridiculous enough to be fantastic. Lionheart’s traps are equal parts Seven, Saw and Snidely Whiplash, and Price’s performance is a must-watch. Come check it out with our custom cocktail and drinking rules below!


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The Killing Phrase

The Killing PhraseBrandy (infuse with cranberry and orange peel for flavor)
Honey syrup
Peychaud’s bitters
splash, Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout

Heat water and honey to make honey syrup; add syrup, bitters and stout to taste. (Make sure the drink is mostly brandy; the goal is merely to enhance the flavors of the brandy itself.)



  1. Anytime a cop is shown on screen doing nothing
  2. Whenever Vincent Price (or anyone else) quotes Shakespeare
  3. Every time a character drinks


Lionheart shouts, “Will you join me in a toast to the immortal Bard – Shakespeare!”

Next week, Jared and Clint are joined the folks at Broken Brush Entertainment as we stay in the ’70s for the time-travel romp Time After Time!

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2 thoughts on “Theatre of Blood (1973)

  1. Not knowing what the meths drinkers’ purple drink was started to get to me, so I looked it up. Turns out “meths” is short for “methylated spirits” or denatured alcohol. Essentially, Lionheart’s hobo army is fueled by mouthwash and window cleaner. They’re not just drunk, they’re full of stuff that isn’t fit for human consumption.

    There’s a great essay about London meths drinkers of days gone by here:

    Awesome episode, brilliant movie. Looking forward eagerly to this year’s Horror Octorbor!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I’m so glad you helped us solve that conundrum – that was stumping us for quite a long time. One of the many quirks of the British people, I suppose. Awesome essay too, and we’ll try not to disappoint for Horror Octorbor; we’ve got quite the ambitious scheme planned!

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