2012 (2009)


It’s the end of the world, and we feel tipsy – this week on Alcohollywood, we watch the Roland Emmerich disaster flick 2012 and figure out just how worried we should be about the coming Mayan apocalypse (Hint: not at all). Follow John Cusack and a bloated ensemble cast of international actors, all slumming it for cash, as they alternately engage in philosophical hand-wringing about the end of the world and evade one CGI sequence after another.

Despite some engaging disaster porn, it’s still pretty overlong, and you can see entire characters and plot progressions lifted wholesale from Emmerich’s previous disaster flicks (Independence Day, Godzilla, and The Day After Tomorrow). At the same time, we’ve got a custom cocktail and drinking rules to get you through to the other side!


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The Mutated Neutrino

2012 cocktail2 parts silver tequila

2 parts silver rum

1 part lime juice

2 parts celery juice

muddled jalapeno

muddled mint

splash, agave nectar

1 part soda water

(optional) 151-proof rum

Muddle jalapeno and mint; combine tequila, rum, agave,  celery and lime juices and stir. Pour into glass; add soda water. Garnish with jalapeno slice, mint leaf and lime wedge. (OPTIONAL: Top with Bacardi 151 rum (pour over back of spoon) and light on fire.)


  1. Every time you see a computer screen
  2. Whenever Cusack et al. switch vehicles (e.g. vehicles, planes)
  3. Whenever a new historical landmark is destroyed


John Cusack’s little girl Lilly whispers to him, “No more Pull-Ups!”

Join us Sunday as we ring in the new year with one of our favorite movies (and a frequent request by our listeners): the 1985 Terry Gilliam dystopian masterpiece Brazil!

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